The increasing interrelationship of economical, political and social changes have long shown the financial services sector, that it is no longer sufficient to view in isolation the individual environments of enterprises with respect to their composition of successful management and organisational structures. Customer behaviour is increasingly affected by changes in social values and irrational factors such as war and terror, thus provoking various degrees of concern about the future. In addition, strategic imponderabilities are created by the order of supranational economics, the influence of which can no longer be ignored, even by economically independent states. The framework of financial services underlies permanent dynamic change. Recognising and adopting the right strategic interpretation of the market signals, which are the indicators of change to the framework, set ever-increasing demands on specialists and management in financial services.

We at FinQ have inaugurated this forum because we are convinced that by institutionalising the mutual exchange of knowledge, experience and opinions among those active in the field, an important contribution to the individual success of information management will be achieved.